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President's Message - Continued

    Now that this is my last full month as your President so I thought it would make sense to see what other Presidents do for their last months in office.  Here they are:

    • The first thing US Presidents do is issue pardons. 
      • I believe I can also accomplish, here goes: pardon me, pardon the interruption, pardon my French, I beg your pardon, and Dolly Pardon (I know I spelled it wrong, but it makes the joke better so it's okay.) 
    • Hand back the nuclear codes
      • The CMCA does not have the use of any nuclear weapons…or do we?  Actually, no, we don’t.  We’re just clerks.
    • Sign some laws
      • Nope
    • Play a small role in the Inauguration
      • I will get to swear in incoming President DelPiccolo to which I am honored to be able to do.
    • Write a letter to the new President
      • I’ve been sending her emails all year, I think that counts.
    • Take stuff home
      • There is no CMCA china to take home so I guess that honor will stick with Lyndon Johnson who took the official White House china that was aboard Air Force One.

    I am going to do my best to end my Presidency on a high note, but I won’t lie, there could be some quacking (lame duck President, you see what I did there.)

    As we travel full steam ahead into October and our 2nd Annual Conference I hope everyone can make it to Colorado Springs.  It should be a great few days full of learning, memories, and some very fun times!  I hope to see each and every one of you in the Springs.

    August President’s Message Correction: The list of celebrity birthdays was incomplete as I forgot Margy Greer.  My research staff assistants were all immediately fired and I (didn’t) send Margy two dozen roses as an apology.  It turns out if you fire all of your staff there is no one to send roses.  Here you go Margy, these will have to get you by.

    (MicMil, can you print this up and put it on Margy’s desk for me?)

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