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President's Message - Continued

    In high school I was in choir (which was cool, not Glee cool, but pretty cool…) Anyhow, each year we had theme parties and my junior year it was the circus and my senior year it was Disneyland. Instead of dressing up as circus performers or Mickey Mouse, me and my buddies went as the Geek Family.  As you can see by the incriminating photos I always managed to not be the mom, but we did have a lot of fun and coincidentally won the best costume two years in a row. But, what is the point you are asking?


    The point is that it’s May now which means it’s time to start thinking about another school year in the books and start planning the summer vacation. Does anybody out there in clerk land have an amazing vacation planned? For me and my family, this year we are doing a summer staycation. We have this dog (Bopper, below left) that is a little weirdo and he won’t do well with a dog sitter and we think putting him in a kennel would be damaging for his little dog mental health. So we are going to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the museum, go to the wildlife place in Keenesburg and find some other fun things along the way. It will be a week with no work and my family, so I am excited.

    What was your favorite vacation? I have loved all of my vacations, each for different reasons. At the end of 1993 my best friend and I took a week long cruise and had an absolute blast! Before kids my wife and I took a trip to New England to see the lighthouses and the fall colors, it was amazing. My most favorite was the trip my wife and I took (again before kids) to Colonial Williamsburg, Washington D.C. and Gettysburg. I am a total history geek and it was simply amazing. I sure hope this summer holds some future great memories for all of you!

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